Note To Myself: Expanding Groups in Formula

@ExpandNameList(Server As String;Groupname As String)

Not documented in Designer Help database.

Why Is The Timedifference For Deletion Hardcoded In The PurgeDocument Agent In Ressource Template?

I don’t how often I’ve changed this line of code in PurgeDocument Agent
Call purgedate.AdjustDay (-2)
Why is this hardcoded? This should be a parameter in a profile document.



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Don’t ask how much time I need for these eastereggs.

On Ruby On Rails

I’ve talked with Oliver about web application development. He pointed me to Ruby On Rails again. I don’t like interpreted script languages like Ruby. But I decided to give it a try.Ruby On Rails is incredible, this frameworks gives you everything you want for building a web application. I’ve builded an web application for my wife including pdf reports(I’ve used PDF::Writer) in less than two hours.
I think I’ll write more about RoR on this blog.

Rational Application Developer V6 And WebSphere Portal 5.0 Universal Test Environment

If you test a portal project with the WebSphere Portal V5 UTE you might get an ‚The web group /wps/config has not been defined‘ error on the console. Then your test server is not configured correctly (wps.war is missing). Delete the server and be sure to delete the configuration also when you’re prompted for !!!
Create a new local test server and start it without any projects. If the server starts correct you’re ready to test the portal project.
Don’t use spaces in portlet project names. WebSphere portal V5.0 will not deploy it. The example portlet projects are ‚Form Portlet‘ and ‚Basic Portlet‘.