Produktnamen finden ist nicht einfach

Der Lada Nova läuft in Spanien nicht so gut. Genauso der Mitsubishi Pajero.
Es liegt an den Produktnamen. Dieser norwegische Lampenhersteller hat auch ein sehr interessantes Produkt für den deutschen Sprachraum im Porfolio.

Note To Myself: MS SQL Server Wildcards And Importing From A Textfile

Wildcards on MS SQL % (percent) sign for multiple characters and _ (underscore) for a single character.
If you want to import from a textfile you can use the BULK INSERT command, but the textfile has to be on the local disk.

From The ‚It-just-works‘ Department (Webservice)

In a current project I’m working with a commercial highend ESB. In the project I have to connect the ESB to a simple database. It turned out, that the JDBC Adapter is not included in the ESB (No comment on this). First I wanted to write a little Java program and throw it on a tomcat. But then I remembered an article about WSO2 WSAS on developerworks. I decided to give it a try and this just works. If you ever have to publish data from a RDBMS, CSV or Excelsheet as a Webservice I can highly recommend WSO2 WSAS