Asian Weekend in Frankfurt

This weekend I meet a few buddies from school in Frankfurt. The reason was one of them will become daddy for the third time. Congratulations to Jens. Mankind will survive.
First we had a ‚little‘ snack in the japanese noddlesoup restaurant MoschMosch. And let’s say a few beer. After that we’ve been to a karaoke bar in the redlight district of Frankfurt. This was a surreal setup like in a Tarantino or Guy Richie movie. Six drunken german guys surrounded by asian people in a bad cheap seventy style karaoke bar. Some of them looked like actors from the movie ‚black rain‘ and I’ll bet in the next room one guy cutted his thumb off. The beerpitcher supply chain worked perfect for us there was no need to reengeneer this process.
One tip for life (free!): If you ever do karaoke, choose the slowest song you know. You’ll never be right in time with the text .
What happened after the karaoke will be a secret. I heared that some of the guys arrived at home in a stretchlimo.
Good night.