Eclipse 3.0M8

Another software hit me. I’m totaly sold on Eclipse . When I started to do some stuff in Java I used JBuilder Personal Edition. I liked Borland IDEs because I already used the C++ Builder at study and Delphi at school.
As I’m working for an IBM Business Partner we had to deal with WebSphere Application Server. I wanted to install WebSphere Application Development Studio on my Notebook but this IDE was to big for me. I don’t like fat software like this. WADS is based on Eclipse. I installed Eclipse which is more like a platform for development tools. You can simply install ‚plugins‘ for Eclipse.
I like this ‚all in one integrated but modular‘ concept. You have to deal with Java, Database, XML and XSLT? Look for these plugins: x-men, Improve XSLT, Clay Database on this site.