Domino 7 And DB2 Integration Finally Running

This is from the chapter „I don’t know why, but it’s running now“.
After creating the DB2 database manually, deleting it again, run the Domino DB2 Enablement twice (first with errors, second time without!?), move a user to the SYSADM Group, now the Domino7 DB2 integration is up and running.
Next Step is to take another plain machine, try to reproduce and write down all the necessary steps.
I’ve installed all (Domino7, all Notes7 clients and DB2 V8.1.5 SES) on my old Thinkpad A20m with 256Mb memory and 10Gig harddrive. I would like to test it on a real performance machine (I have to talk to our Admin…).
By now it feels like going to a Formula One race with a donkey cart.