20th DNUG Conference in Karlsruhe

Ambuj Goyal talks about Notes 9. And then he showed and explained some exciting things about the IBM Lotus Workplace.
This rich client is based on the Eclipse framework and it’ll be possible to replicate data to a local cloudscape database for offline working. The applications will be deployed as components to this Workspace client centralized from the server.
Next on stage was Matt Cain from Metagroup. Did he really say ‚Deutschmark‘?
Welcome in 2004 Mr. Cain.
I never saw such overloaded presentations in my life and Mr. Cain didn’t make an effort to talk, let’s say,’clean‘ English.
I’ve joined the development sessions. I was really impressed by a life presentation of a selfwritten tool that extract javadoc documentations out of LotusScript classes.
Some pictures in the gallery.