I’ve used Feedreader as RSS aggregator.
It has some disadvantages. The current version (2.5 Build 610) doesn’t support RSS 2.0 and Atom.
Oliver recommended Sharpreader.
Only one problem.
You can’t export the subscriptions to opml. The Feedreader subscriptions are organized in a XML file called ’subscriptions.xml‘. So I did a little codework to transform the subscriptions to opml.
Locate the ’subscriptions.xml‘ file.
Copy the file to a directory of your choice.
Copy the feedreader2opml.xsl and the feed2opml.hta file in the same directory.
Open the feed2opml.hta local with Internet Explorer.
In the chosen directory a new file ‚feedreader2opml.opml‘ is created.
This file can be imported to a opml compatible RSS aggregator.
If the feed2opml.hta will not work correct, you may use an old version of the MSXML Parser.
Simply change the Set XMLDoc = CreateObject(„Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0“) to Set XMLDoc = CreateObject(„Msxml2.DOMDocument.3.0“)