Outlook Contacts to Notes Addressbook, js32.dll -115 error, no alarms

I’ve been two days on the front. I did some support for a midsize company (250 Lotus Notes users). This is one of my trusty customers for five years and three companies now and I really enjoy to work for them.
Here are three issues that I always come across.
A new employee used MS Outlook before and wanted to move his contacts to his personal addressbook. This man really had about 400 Outlook contacts. The IT department denied to import this contacts. This is really a two minute effort. Export the MS Outlook contacts to a MS Excel file. Edit the columnheaders to fieldnames of the contact form („FirstName“, „LastName“ etc.). Save the file as .wk4 (Lotus 1-2-3). Open the Lotus Notes addressbook and choose File->Import->Lotus 1-2-3. Select the .wk4 file. On the dialog choose ‚Contact‘ as form, fieldnames definied by WKS-title and calculate fields on import. That’s it. Two minutes and one new satisfied notes user.
If you update a Domino server (win32) and the installation shows up a messagebox with „js32.dll -115 error“. Check if there is a service or process running that holds the js32.dll.
Disable all processes and services that are related to Antivirus software. If nothing helps boot the machine in safe mode (F8), update the server and reboot.
Another notes user complained that the alarms are not working. This sometimes happens if the notes.ini is not local. Check the notes.ini if there is an entry „$EnableAlarms=1“. If it’s not there or set to „0“ simply add or change it.
Check the permissions of the user for this file!
Nice weekend.