Don’t Use Package Names For Java Libraries In Lotus Notes

I’m working on a webservice project in Lotus Notes. For several reasons the whole thing is written in Java (Interfaces, Eclipse instead of Designer „IDE“…). As the number of services increased I decided to use more and smaller classes (util- and base classes) for better maintenance. I took the util- and base classes in Java libraries in the Lotus Notes database. My project stopped compiling successfull in the database. The compiler wasn’t able to find the util- and base classes in the database. The problem was my naming convention for Notes Libraries. I always use a package like name eg. „“. It seems that Notes is not able to handle this. After renaming the library to „javautil“ everything worked as expected.
BTW. Making webservices in Notes is a mess. The generated wsdl is not WS-I valid and you have to start to edit the wsdl manually. Please use something like SOAPui to test your wsdl files and us „doc/literal (wrapped)“ for encoding.
Somebody out there who knows where the wsdl file is stored in the database? (maybe I’m going to write a little tool for fixing this problem)