Make SOAPUI Doubleclickable For Mac OS X

SOAPUI is the tool when dealing with webservices. It’s a swing based Java application and therefor multiplatform. You can start it with a shell script on Mac OS X but it’s not doubleclickable.
After reading this article here is how to make it doubleclickable.
Follow the steps from the article From the command line
Create the directory structure.
Copy the lib directory from soapui into Contents/Resources/Java
Make the Info.plist file according to the article. Locate the <key>Java</key> node.
Insert a <dict> tag beyond, insert <key>ClassPath<key>, insert a <array> tag, in the array node insert <string> elements with ClassPaths entries.
To find out the necessary jar files open the shell script.
The main class is com.eviware.soapui.SoapUI
Get img2icns and convert the soapui image from its homepage to an icns and copy it to resources folder.
Rename the folder to and set the bundle bit Finder attribute.
That’s it. Soapui is now doubleclickable and runs with its image on the dock.