About Tobias Mueller

My name is Tobias MĂźller I’m 47 years old. I live in Karlsruhe, Germany and I work as a product manager for a internet company in Karlsruhe. Since I was a little child I was fascinated by digital things like calculators and computers. The first computer that I saw was a midrange system in the company where my mother works. My parents bought me a computer when I was in the age of 13. It was a Commodore C116 I started programming with the build-in BASIC Interpreter. By the time this thing was replaced by the legendary Commodore C64. The ‚Bread Box‘ was tuned with ‚SpeedDOS‘ and a second floppy drive. The next computer was a Commodore Amiga 500. On this machine I started with C++. In school we had PCs(286) and learned PASCAL. I used a PC Emulator to run Turbo-PASCAL on the Amiga. I started to write PC Software based on TURBO-Pascal. The PC Emulator wasn’t the best choice to do that so the Amiga was replaced by my first PC. It was a 386SX25 with a monochrome display and 40Mb HD. I used GEOS on this PC. This GUI was replaced by Windows 3.1. After I finished school I worked for a vehicle manufacturer as programmer. I programmed in COBOL on a DEC (Digital) VAX with VAX/VMS. At home I used Microfocus COBOL on my PC. After two years I decided to study information management at the Berufsakademie Karlsruhe where I made my master degree in 1998. I worked for a IBM business partner company in Karlsruhe where I got to know the next midrange system: The IBM AS/400. In the upcoming internet boom I worked on several projects. The company I was working for decided to introduce Lotus Notes in 1996 and I was in the Lotus Notes team. Since that I’m with this software. I made my certifications (Certified Lotus Professional) for all releases.I liked this software which doesn’t look like any other application. I’ve worked as a Notes Developer and Consultant till 2010 then I quit that job. 14 years of Lotus Notes was enough 😉