No More Domino/Lotus Notes Related Posts Here

If you subscribed to this feed because of Notes/Domino related stuff. It’s over.
I’ve quit my Notes job last year after 12 years of Notes/Domino consulting and developing.
I have to admit if you’re outside the yellow universe Lotus Notes/Domino is cold dead fish.

Google Calendar Connector For Lotus Notes

Many companies still using old legacy technologies…

Sometimes Lotus Notes customers look like Harold.


Fun With Lotus Domino ‚DOCTYPE‘ In Forms

I had problems running a stylesheet on a Domino form.
After hours of investigation, I suddenly noticed the DOCTYPE definition of the rendered Domino form.
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC „-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN“>
instead of
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC „-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN“ „“>
If you want to have a complete Doctype definition you have to set the notes.ini variable DominoCompleteDoctype to a value of 1

Don’t Use Package Names For Java Libraries In Lotus Notes

I’m working on a webservice project in Lotus Notes. For several reasons the whole thing is written in Java (Interfaces, Eclipse instead of Designer „IDE“…). As the number of services increased I decided to use more and smaller classes (util- and base classes) for better maintenance. I took the util- and base classes in Java libraries in the Lotus Notes database. My project stopped compiling successfull in the database. The compiler wasn’t able to find the util- and base classes in the database. The problem was my naming convention for Notes Libraries. I always use a package like name eg. „“. It seems that Notes is not able to handle this. After renaming the library to „javautil“ everything worked as expected.
BTW. Making webservices in Notes is a mess. The generated wsdl is not WS-I valid and you have to start to edit the wsdl manually. Please use something like SOAPui to test your wsdl files and us „doc/literal (wrapped)“ for encoding.
Somebody out there who knows where the wsdl file is stored in the database? (maybe I’m going to write a little tool for fixing this problem)

We Love Notes But….Fun With @Prompt([ChooseDatabase])

A colleguage asked for a „Open Database“ dialog. „Use @Prompt([ChooseDatabase])“ was my answer.
A day later the colleguage asked „How do I catch the Cancel option?“
Hm. The return value of the dialog is an array with three elements. But if you hit Cancel the return value is… dada…
That’s obvious, isn’t it? If you cancel a dialog the return value is 1.

Note To Myself: NoteIDs For Special Database Objects

Note ID Document
FFFF0002 „About“
FFFF0004 Default Form
FFFF0008 Default View
FFFF0010 Icon and design info
FFFF0020 Design document
FFFF0040 ACL info
FFFF0100 „Using“
FFFF0800 Default Replication

JavaScript Differences Between Lotus Notes 6.x And Lotus Notes 7.x

Lotus Notes 6.x:
navigator.appName => „Lotus Notes“
Lotus Notes 7.x:
navigator.appName => „IBM Lotus Notes“
If you use JavaScript in Lotus Notes to distinguish bt. Notes Client and Browser this code will not work anymore.
navigator.appName != „Lotus Notes“ => always true in Notes 7.x
Possible Solution:
navigator.appName.indexOf(„Notes“) == -1

Note To Myself: Expanding Groups in Formula

@ExpandNameList(Server As String;Groupname As String)

Not documented in Designer Help database.

Why Is The Timedifference For Deletion Hardcoded In The PurgeDocument Agent In Ressource Template?

I don’t how often I’ve changed this line of code in PurgeDocument Agent
Call purgedate.AdjustDay (-2)
Why is this hardcoded? This should be a parameter in a profile document.

Domino Active Directory Mail Integration

To use an Active Directory (AD) as LDAP directory for Notes mail addressing you can use a Directory Assistance LDAP Document.
To query the AD Global Catalog you have to configure 3268 as LDAP port.
AD always needs a search base to query. If you want to retrieve mail users the search base is something like ‚cn=mail,cn=domain,cn=net'(or de…) if you want to retrieve all users don’t use cn=mail.
LDAP Directory Assistance allows Notes mail user to complete recpients name by pressing F9. The recipients name is then searched in the AD. Type Ahead and Select Addresses Dialog is not supported through LDAP Directory Assistance.
To enable Type Ahead and Select Addresses Dialog against an AD you need an LDAP account document in the users local addressbook.